Wow! I have no idea what to write about in my weekly newsletter LOL! There’s a lot going on but with the COVID pandemic, all the snow that we have gotten in NYC and the fact that I’ve been very busy producing people, I haven’t been focused on Dave Fields things! Other than that, I’ve HAVE been crazy busy working on my upcoming CD’s. It looks like have enough material for three CD’s. Now I have to pick which songs will go on the next one!

Thank you all you Spotify listeners for your support! FORCE OF WILL is closing in on 40,000 streams:

Upcoming Shows
Due to the pandemic I haven’t been focused on shows however there are still things going on:

Thursday March 4th 7pm Stanhope House live stream on FaceBook hosted by Pete Hoff. Featuring: Jon & Matt Klein and myself. The details are still being worked out. It JUST had a conversation with The Stanhope house owner Jon Klein and his team. I will keep you informed!

May 29th CROSSROADS BLUES SOCIETY Rockford Illinois. The details are still being worked out with this one too!

My recent article in Big City Blues magazine will be about the blues legend and beautiful human being Sherman Holmes. It should be out within a few weeks.

Please check out my latest video FORCE OF WILL live!

Please stay safe everyone!


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