This Week!

It’s looking like things are starting to open up here in the NY area. I hope it’s not too soon but in any event, I will be, as well as my fellow musicians, very excited to be performing again. I’m in the midst of putting together some shows for the future. The end is in sight. Let’s hope the pandemic ends sooner rather than later.

This week is going to be cool!

The first ever live stream show at Stanhope House will be Thursday March 27th at 7pm streamed live on The Stanhope House FaceBook page. The show will be hosted by legendary blues DJ Pete Hoff and will feature The Stanhope House All Stars: Jon and Matt Klein, Buddy Allen/bass, Jay Dittamo/drums and of course, me! I will be sending links to show next week.

Thursday is the “dry-run” for the show!

This Friday at 3pm I will be interviewing emerging neo-blues band BLUES PEOPLE. Check out these links to see the interview.

Wow…. Thanks again everyone for your support, my latest CD FORCE OF WILL has been on the RMR Top 50 Blues Rock Charts since its release in July 2020 and is at #29! Much love to all of you!

Check out my latest video BIG BLOCK live featuring: Buddy Allen/bass, Lee Jeffryes/drum and Vlad Barsky/keys. Shot live at Al Weber’s studio in Nutley NJ Jan 2020.

Upcoming Shows
May 29th CROSSROADS BLUES SOCIETY Rockford Illinois.

Sending much love to everybody!


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