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Upcoming Shows in August

Hi Everyone! I’m just saying hello and a quick update LOL!!! Thanks for tuning in last Saturday to the Blues Deluxe show with John Guregian! That was fun! Thanks to all my Spotify fans, FORCE OF WILL is getting a lot of streams! https://open.spotify.com/artist/2ZHM1FdVdVfpxzuqRNPVjf?si=Bm5UbmJvQvWIoyZWWbl1cw Upcoming Shows Saturday August 8th at 7:pm VILLA CAPRI 51 W […]

WUML.ORG live Sat July 25th

Hi Everyone! This Saturday July 25th 2020 at 3pm I will be live on the radio with noted blues radio host John Guregian playing songs from his latest CD album Force of Will! 91.5 FM and www.WUML.ORG University of Massachusetts Lowell MA. I love chatting with John, he’s a GREAT host and a lot of […]

Great New FORCE OF WILL Reviews!

Thanks everybody for checking out my FORCE OF WILL FaceBook live CD party last Thursday! On FaceBook: https://www.facebook.com/davefieldsband/videos/1156330318063766/ I posted it to my YouTube Channel as well: https://youtu.be/PCCljojVOqM —— ROOTSTIME “FORCE OF WILL REVIEW by Eric Schuurmans https://rootstime.be/index.html?https://rootstime.be/CD%20REVIEUW/2020/JUL1/CD65.html “ A ferocious mix of blues rock and beyond that stretches the boundaries… “ —— Music Republic […]

FORCE OF WILL FaceBook live CD Party Thursday 7:30pm

FORCE OF WILL FaceBook live CD Party Thursday 7:30pm Hi Everybody! Before I get to the show, check out this review on FORCE OF WILL by Simon Redley Music Republic Magazine: https://musicrepublicmagazine.com/2020/07/dave-fields-force-of-will-fmi-records-3rd-july-2020/ This Thursday July 9th at 7:30pm FORCE OF WILL FaceBook live stream CD party. This is my first FaceBook live streaming show! Featuring […]


Despite all the turmoil in our country and the world, Happy July 4th! FORCE OF WILL will be released this Friday July 3rd!!!!! YAY! After three years its finally going to be out! HERE ARE SOME OF THE WAYS YOU CAN BUY OR STREAM FORCE OF WILL Physical CD’s: Dave Fields Official Website: http://www.davefields.com/store/ Amazon: […]


Hi everybody! Some observations about NYC I would like to share before I write about my upcoming events. It’s so amazing to see how people are standing up against racism all over NYC with the peaceful demonstrations. I live in the Lower East Side. My neighborhood is located in between the Manhattan and Williamsburg bridges. […]


Hi everybody! I know I’ve been promoting it a lot. But here it is again. My new album FORCE OF WILL will be released July 3rd. I’m so excited! I spent over three years working on FORCE OF WILL and it is a ferocious mix of blues rock and beyond that stretches the boundaries. It […]

Terror on the Lower East Side

Terror on the Lower East Side Hello friends I’m sad to write this. I try to make my newsletters information pieces about events and news happenings with my music. But with what’s been happening in my beloved New York City I regrettably have to write about all the chaos that’s been happening and I hate […]

FORCE OF WILL video is officially out!

Hi everyone, I have a lot to tell you! I’m so excited to announce the official release of the video of the title track of my upcoming album FORCE OF WILL. Shot entirely on the lower east side by Judy and Jasper Fields and myself! LOL! I hope you enjoy it!: I’ve been busy at […]

NYC NIGHTS Video just released

Hi everyone! There’s so much going on! I’ve just released a new video of my song New York City Nights (which is from my current CD UNLEASHED). The video depicts what life is like at night here in lower Manhattan during the Covid 19 pandemic. It was shot entirely on my iPhone 8 by my […]