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Some observations about NYC I would like to share before I write about my upcoming events. It’s so amazing to see how people are standing up against racism all over NYC with the peaceful demonstrations. I live in the Lower East Side. My neighborhood is located in between the Manhattan and Williamsburg bridges. Many of the protests would go over these bridges and it was so beautiful so see all the support my neighborhood has poured out for these protesters. Thankfully, my neighborhood wasn’t affected by the looters as much as Soho or other neighborhoods. People peacefully marching together from all walks of life and different ethnicities is a beautiful sight to behold. I truly believe one of the things that make this country so amazing is its diversity. No where is that more evident than here in NYC.

However, it’s sad to see how many businesses (in some places half of them), here in lower Manhattan are boarded up not only from the looters but from the economic effect of COVID 19. I’ve also heard of many people leaving NYC which is sad…. I love this city, even with all its faults. I’m praying for a quick economic recovery. We will have to see what happens…

One last observation, it’s seems like lately there is an abundance of loud fireworks going off late into the night all over Manhattan. I don’t remember it being quite like that ever this far away from July 4th. Is that going on where you live? If its ok, please write me back! I would be curious to find out if this is happening all over LOL! I love July 4th! It’s one of my favorite holidays! Maybe it’s the fireworks that I love! What can I say, I’m a fire sign (Aries) HAHAHAHAH!

Ok, I’m, getting off my soap box!

My new album FORCE OF WILL will be released July 3rd. It will be available through CDBaby and all the streaming services. I will update you with the links when I get them!

Upcoming Shows

Thursday July 9th at 7:30pm
FORCE OF WILL FaceBook live stream CD party from my studio on the Lower East Side. This is my first FaceBook live streaming show!
Here is the link to my FaceBook page:
Here is the link to the FaceBook live event:

Saturday August 9th at 7:pm
VILLA CAPRI 51 W Court St Doylestown PA. This will be my LIVE SHOW Doylestown PA CD party! Villa Capri offers the best gourmet pizza Doylestown PA has to offer! I LOVE THIS PLACE!

Here’s link to my latest video FORCE OF WILL. Please check it out and please subscribe to my YouTube channel if you haven’t done so already! The 500th subscriber will receive a free Dave Fields tee shirt.

I saw this phrase spray painted on a light pole on the corner of Essex and Grand St, LOVE IS LOUDER. It truly is! Wishing everyone good health and love.


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