Dave Fields

Ferocious blues rock & beyond.

Dave Fields new CD “UNLEASHED” is the next installment in the evolution of a blues rock master and beyond. “UNLEASHED” features seven live cuts that capture the pure fire of Dave Fields live and seven studio cuts that expose ever more Dave’s powerful, heart gripping song writing. Make no mistake about it. The gloves come off on “UNLEASHED”.

Like all Dave Fields CDs there are many flavors of music. Dave exposes his jazzier roots with a live version of his instrumental “Anticipating You” (track 1) and New York City Nights (track 13) and an all out blues grass rumble on “L.E.S. Hoedown” (track 14). Dave pays homage to his roots by doing his live renditions of the classics “Going Down” and the Hendrix classics “Hey Joe/Star Spangled Banner” as only Dave can do. “UNLEASHED” brought back some Dave Fields classics. A searing hot live version of “Better Be Good” (track 8) and a heart wrenching live slow blues “Pocket Full Of Dust” (track 10).

Dave, “one of my favorite tracks on this new CD is Jagged Line Pt 1&2. Lyrically it’s a window into how I grew up. The lyrics are blues, the music is rock. I’m SO excited to have recorded it with Van Romaine on drums (Steve Morse Band), Chris Tristram on bass (Great White) and the keyboard genius, Vlad Barsky on organ. I know I took some chances on these cuts but they turned out very powerful.”

The single, “Child Of The World” features a mainstay on Dave’s CDs Kenny Soule/drums, the masterful bassist Buddy Allen (Bruce Springsteen, Rick Derringer). Written after the tragic events in Paris. It’s a call to the single thread that binds us as human beings, love. Also featured on “UNLEASHED” are Lisa Sherman/vocals, JT Lauritsen harmonica/vocals, Sam Bryant/drum (Kenny Wayne Shepherd), Andy Huenerberg/bass, Juan Pertuz/percussion and Dave Moore/drums. “UNLEASHED” will sure to thrill you and keep you on the edge of your seats.

“NY Boss Guitar Man” and 2012 NY Blues Hall Of Fame inductee Dave Fields has performed and continues to perform all over the world. His awards include: Best Self Produced CD 2006 at the IBC for producing BACK IN BLUESVILLE, 2009-2010 Mojo Boogie Award, Big City Blues Magazine Happy To Have The Blues Lifetime Achievement Award. Legendary British bluesman John Mayall recorded Dave’s song “Train To My Heart” on his CD “TOUGH”. Dave’s CD’s TIME’S A WASTIN’, ALL WOUND UP, DETONATION & ALL IN have all garnered international success.

Dave grew up in New York City the son of a noted gifted composer arranger producer Sammy “Forever” Fields. From the time Dave was young he grew up in his father’s recording studio being exposed to the best NYC studio musicians of the time and artists such as the likes of Sammy Kahn, Rupert Holmes and Stevie Wonder. After attending Berklee College of music, Dave was immersed in the NYC music scene as a composer/arranger/producer & first call guitarist/multi instrumentalist. Dave’s father made sure Dave was well schooled in not just the blues but also every style of music. Growing up in NYC exposed Dave to a “smorgasbord” of different music and instruments, piano being Dave’s first instrument. That list of instruments he plays soon grew to bass, upright bass, mandolin, banjo, pedal steel, ukulele and drums to name just a few. No more is that more apparent than on Dave’s Song “New York City Nights” where Dave plays every instrument except for violin (Gary Oleyar). You can see Dave’s keyboard prowess at his shows where he often doubles on piano and organ.

Dave’s list of recording session, record dates, jingles and TV commercials are an impressive list including works with Ahmed Ertegen, IBM, Publishers Clearance House to name a few. His tenure at the legendary NYC music house LOOK music led Dave to create his own music company: Fields Music.

Dave’s yearnings was to be more than just a craftsman, his passion for music could not be satisfied with just being a writer for hire. Dave, “I believe I was put on this earth to spread joy, love and life to everyone through my music. I try to do that what every note I play, with every lyric I write and sing. If I do anything less than that I feel like I’m letting the listener down”. Nowhere is that feeling more evident than when you hear Dave play. His gift of making his guitar talk combined with his uncanny way of weaving many different styles of music together is an example of how we as humans are a tapestry of many different cultures and walks of life.

What to Expect at a Dave Fields Show
Dave Fields live is an electrifying experience of either a power trio (guitar, bass and drums) or a quartet (guitar, bass, B3 organ and drums). Dave Fields soulful singing is punctuated with a performance of guitar virtuosity, blues, rock and beyond. His song writing stylings will keep you reeling as well as his power as an entertainer. Each performance is unique unto themselves and is a scintillating, mind bending, uplifting event.

“When I first heard him I knew he had something special.
When Dave plays he plays with such passion.”
“…an enjoyable listen for both blues acolytes and casual club jumpers … an
exhilarating concert experience if you ever get a chance to see Fields live.”
“Fields stand apart as a flamboyant entertainer.”
BLUES REVIEW Richard Ludmerer
“A contender in the blues-rock category.
Sheryl and Don Crow MUSIC CITY BLUES.
“… a bright talent in the world of contemporary blues rock.”