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Charles LoBue

Field Of Roses artist: Dave Fields – Detonation – New Release Review

I just received the newest cd, Detonation, from Dave Fields. Fields has assembled 12 strong blues rock oriented tracks, all with a different twist from Reggae to straight Blues. The cd opens with Addicted To Your Fire, a a rocker with somewhat of an arena style. In The Night takes it to the next step with a funky beat and some pretty tasty guitar riffs. Doin’ Hard Times opens with some fiery riffs and features Joe Louis Walker. This track has some more contemporary blues lines and features some real sweet guitar soloing. Bad Hair Day gets a real serious reggae beat and Fields really digs in for some hot riffs on this track. The Alter, again a more contemporary use of music with blues roots features some fiery guitar riffs. Better Be Good takes the blues from a swing jazz direction for a pretty cool track. Fields again shows he has the chops and can make is guitar talk big time. Pocket Full Of Dust hits dead center with an Albert King/Otis Rush/Big Mamma Thornton style blues track.This is my favorite track on the cd…and yeah… I caught that timing change not unlike BB King does on The Thrill Is Gone…very nice. Dr. Ron takes more of an Eric Gales / Trower/ Hendrix attack on a track and it’s pretty cool. No question this guy can play. Lydia is an interesting track with guitar subtones and more of an interpretive progressive approach to music without losing it’s rock edge. Actually very cool. The recording completes with You Will Remember Me, a Ryan Adams like ballad with crisp guitar riffs.

Overall Fields has put together a pretty interesting recording for those looking for guitar rock music with a bluesy edge.


Dave Fields: Detonation (Field of Roses Records)
Dave Fields and I first met on the Legendary Rhythm & Blues Cruise, he was outward and fun, generous and working very hard at his chosen craft. With a few releases under his belt he has just released ‘Detonation’ – to me it is a most accurate title.
‘Prophet In Disguise’ takes us to the late sixties with an ethereal organ filling up the background while his somewhat phased vocals sing of possibilities and the positiveness of one. Throw in some backwards guitar and I am ready to take the other half of that Orange Sunshine just cause I can. Speaking of backwards guitarists I have always felt that Steve Katz from the Blues Project and Blood Sweat & Tears was the master of that space and time but I have to make room on the throne for Mr. Fields because of his work through out this release.
I think it is funny that Mr. Fields has a track called ‘Bad Hair Day’ only because Dave’s ‘do, is as Mr. Zevon once said is “perfect”. A fun cut that has a reggae styled beat to it with an additional sound scape that is a welkin pointing straight toward the firmament of the skies. His tasty work on the wah-wah provides the perfect accompaniment to strolling down the street bopping along with your bad self and knowing that these bad times won’t get you down for long.
Dave knows perfectly how to grok whatever subject he chooses to write about. ‘Better Be Good‘ speaks openly about the current state of affairs in this crazy world that is seemingly becoming more like the past (and not in a good sense). His low keyed referencing of Mr. Hendrix about just wanting to play his guitar fits as aptly now as Jimi’s did then.
With an explosive start that leads us into a helluva hard-rocking beat Mr. Fields gives us a scorching attack on the putative societal position of psycho therapy in ‘Dr. Ron‘. His resolute position serves as a reminder that people are meant to be free and not permanently attached to a mental crutch.
An earlier mention of Jimi Hendrix is not out of place here. Mr. Fields has seemingly drank from the cup of Jimi and it’s effects are very good indeed. There are many instances through out “Detonation” that one can hear the subtle flashbacks of his music or style, but none better than the instrumental cut ‘Lydia’. Mr. Hendrix gave us some fascinating instrumentals over the years and what Dave has done is to incorporate an unfettered combination of the feel and aural rainbow that Mr. Hendrix was so adroit at doing. Think combination of ‘Third Stone From The Sun’ meets ‘New Rising Sun’ and …you’re not even close – gotcha!
With this release Mr. Fields has upped his ability to coerce pleasing sounds from his guitar. He has broadened his horizons and expanded the tent that we share called the Blues (Roots may fit better here, but semantics are for wordsmiths not impassioned reviewers like myself). ‘Detonation’ is a super release and I cannot wait to see what David has up his sly sleeve for us in the future.


August 2nd, 2012
Dave Fields: Detonation Review

Dave Fields is a different kind of bluesman. Sure, he’s got some serious blues credentials, he’s played with Hubert Sumlin and John Mayall recorded one of his songs. But there’s more to this blues renaissance man and one listen to his latest release Detonation and that becomes abudantly clear. He can channel Albert King, Eddie Hazel, and Ace Frehley and be comfortable with all three.
The album opens with a rock song “Addicted To Your Fire,” that features some nice licks throughout. The next song “In The Night,” is a tune reminiscent of early Funkadelic with solid guitar playing and a funky vibe to it. “Bad Hair Day,” is a nice reggae tune with Fields taking his playing to another level. Tracks like: “Doin’ Hard Times,” and “The Alter,” have more of a modern feel to them. He goes in yet another direction on “Better Be Good,” a neat track that sounds like some old-fashioned swing-jazz with a blues flavor. “Dr Ron,” is a hard-driving song that just cooks. The best track is “Pocket Full of Dust,” this one screams 60s blues and would fit perfectly in the canon of Albert King or Otis Rush.
It is quite obvious that Dave Fields is unique with his playing these days. He has created quite an album with something for everybody. There is a lot of straight blues and just as much of everything else on Detonation. If you like blues, funk, hard rock, contemporary rock, or jazz, you can find something you’ll like on Detonation.
The Review: 8/10
Can’t Miss Tracks
– In The Night
- Bad Hair Day
- Better Be Good
- Pocket Full of Dust
The Big Hit
– Pocket Full of Dust
Review by Charles Dumez