DETONATION “Electrifying Rock with a Blues Soul”

Dave Fields is an electrifying rocker with a blues soul. His new CD DETONATION, is produced by legendary Grammy winning producer David Z (Prince, Government Mule and Johnny Lang). Dave’s searing guitar style, scintillating singing coupled with his heart felt song writing are more present than ever before.

David Z’s brilliant work on DETONATION captures the pure magic of a live Dave Fields show. All guitar, vocal and band performances are from original takes recorded live in the studio. If you listen carefully you can even hear the sound of Dave’s guitar strings coming through on the vocal mic! This is the first recording that has Dave’s band: Andy Huenerberg (bass), Kenny Soule (drums) and Russian sensation Vladimir Barsky (keys).

As it is with all Dave Fields CD’s, DETONATION contains many different musical flavors of Dave but always stays true to his blues and rock roots. Special guest blues legend Joe Louis Walker who does a blazing slide guitar/vocal duel on the sultry “Doin’ Hard Time” (Track 3). The mournful slow blues “Pocket Full Of Dust” (Track 9) is an ode to lost love. Its tempo change in the solo section reveals Dave’s most passionate guitar playing. Bluesy-shuffle “Better Be Good” (Track 7) speaks in a tongue and cheek way for a better world. New York City world music star Delmar Brown raps on the reggae master “Bad Hair Day” (Track 5). Dave shows off his rockin’ side with “Addicted to Your Fire” (Track 1), “In The Night” (Track 2), “The Altar” (Track 6) and “Dr Ron” (Track 10). He even dips into psychedelic with a call to the human race “Prophet In Disguise” and the mesmerizing instrumental “Lydia” (Track 11). The CD climax ends with the anthemic “You Will Remember Me”.