Dave Fields Signs with Kvalitet Artisters & ALL IN is #4

Dave Fields signs a deal with Norwegian based booking agent Kvalitet Artisters for exclusive bookings throughout Norway, Sweden and Denmark. Kvalitet Artisters (Quality Artists) has on their roster such international acts as CHRIS THOMPSON, CUTTING CREW, KATRINA (of Katrina & The Waves) and MUNGO JERRY. Kvalitet Artisters represents the finest in Scandinavian talent throughout all of Scandinavia with such acts as guitar sensations VIDAR BUSK, FRODE ALNAES & MADS ERIKSEN. Dave, “I’m extra excited to be working with Kvalitet Artister because of their reputation. I feel so excited to be part of their team”. To contact Kvalitet Artister about booking Dave in Scandinavia click here

ALSO…. Dave’s new CD “ALL IN” is number 4 on The RMR Top 50 Blues Rock Charts! Dave, ” My PR agent Rick Lusher has been working away on getting ‘ALL IN’ out there to all the radio stations. Its so cool to see the benefits of his work! I wanna thank all the radio stations for their support!!!” To order “ALL IN” click here

“ALL IN” at #5 on RMR Blues Rock Charts!

Wow!!!! I’m so psyched! I’ve been away on tour in Norway and I get back and “ALL IN” is number 5 on the RMR Blues Charts! WOOHOO!


I try to post something every week but the past two weeks were just a whirlwind of amazing experiences. First of all my wife Judy and I flew to Oslo July 23rd. It was her first time to Norway and I was so excited to share the amazingness and enchantment of Norway. Surprisingly the weather was HOT! It was in the 80’s (30 c) and being so far north the sun was a little overbearing. We spent two days in Oslo and then we headed to the west coast and more specifically Veiholmen Norway for The Smøla Blues Klubbs festival. Wow, being there reminded me of New England only a lot less crowded and utterly beautiful. The sun never set, it stayed dusk from about 11:30pm until 3:30 then the sun would slowly sneak out until it was REALLy out around 5am. The crowd was awesome and I got to see many of my Norwegian friends like Nina Hansen, Syver Srøbka, Rolf Johannessen, Ellen Pederson….. TOO MANY TO LIST!!! My Norwegian band: Kåre Amundsen and Bjørn Hagset KICKED ASS they played with BIG BALLS! LOL!

After Smøla we did an afternoon show in Krstiansund Norway at this lovely cafe called GAANVERKEN then we played at the legendary Kristiansund rock bar FASTING KJELLEREN. The place was packed and it was awesome!

We had the next 6 days off so Judy and I headed to one of my favorite Norwegian places: Molde Norway. Molde is situated on the lovely Fannet Fjord which is flanked by 200+ mountain peaks. Anyone who’s seen it will agree with me, its spellbinding! We connected with Kåre’s lovely wife and my Norwegian aries sister Ragnhild and spent morning’s eating Svela (a west coast Norwegian delicacy somewhat like pancakes but with sugar and butter) and sipping tea while viewing the fjord. Judy and I decided to visit the neighboring city of Ålesund which is a lovely almost Austrian looking town and hour and a half east of Molde. After taking the ferry to Vestnes and through the countryside we arrived in Ålesund and spent the day exploring. The highlight of our excursion was taking the Hurtigruten boat back through the fjords to Molde, a three hour trip, which was mesmerizing! Wow, if you ever go to Norway YOU HAVE TO DO THAT! When we arrived back at our hotel, The Molde Fjord Steurer (which I HIGHLY recommend) we both were in agreement, we were in love with Molde.

Our next stop was back to Oslo where went to Vigeland (an amazing sculpture park and a national treasure), The City Hal where they give out the Nobel Peace Prize and The Opera (which is the most beautiful Opera house I have ever seen). The Opera house is aped like a glacier…. OMG!!!!

My last show(s) was The Notodden Blues Festival and I was slated to perform three shows on the boat cruise then a late show at the legendary Notodden music venue BELLMAN PUB. Before I performed I was asked by The Norwegian Blues Union to be a judge at their blues challenge. It was so hard to pick a winner, the bands were all great…!

The boat cruise was out of this world, with patrons sitting right in front of me. We were so lucky to get the greatest “handler” the lovely Anita Haugen who took such great care of us. It was supposed to rain but the blues gods prevailed and the weather was perfect. I don’t want to forget, bass wiz Trond Hansen was with us and he was truly wonderful. My wife Judy fell in love with him and I though he played with big balls as well (…did I just say big ball again??? OMG! Am I allowed to do that??!!!) WE SOLD 84 CD’S! That’s a new Dave Fields record!

The evening show at BELLMAN PUB was equally as amazing. It was steamy, rockin’ and I didn’t want to stop!!!! What an honor to be included! I want to thank Jostein Forsberg who runs Notodden Blues so much! Need less to say I was “toast” the next day after doing four shows in one day but it was worth it!

After Notodden we said our goodbyes to Kåre Amundsen and his wife Ragnihld and Trond Hansen and we headed back to Oslo where we stayed at the Comfort Hotel Børskparken which I also highly recommend. We met with guitarist/DJ Stig-Ole Skaldabø and also sat in at STOP PRESSEN. Most importantly we met with my Bro AND Notodden Blues Prize Winner JT Lauritsen and his lovely wife Marion. We had a sumptuous dinner and chatted the evening away. The next day we were so sad to leave. Norway captured both Judy and my heart. Its a land of the nicest people, the cleanest water and air and, of course the blues! I will be back in October and I hope to have some exciting news soon!!!!!

Thanks for reading! I hope to see you soon at one of my shows!!!!!


Dave Fields European Band in Norway!

DF_Band_Trandal_2014 (photo Roald Jungard)

Dave Fields, Kåre Amundson and Bjørn Hagset

The Dave Fields European Band takes the stage in Norway this past weekend with shows in Smøla and Kristiansund! Also Dave’s new CD “All In” debuts at #6 on The NY Blues Charts AND has been getting RAVE reviews. Stayed tuned for more exciting news!

Dave Fields Band Video from The Trandal Blues Festival 7-4-14

Dave Fields Band Video from The Trandal Blues Festival 7-4-14

Trandal, Lazy Lester, my new video and more!

Wow, what a trip I just had to Norway! Check out this picture from the stage of The Trandal Blues Festival

View from Trandal blues festival stage

The place was beyond description. I wish I could take all my American friends with me to experience the unfettered beauty. The Norwegians loved us and my band (Kare Amundsen on drums and Bjorn Hagset on bass) kicked butt! I got to play with blues legend Lazy Lester, wow… what an honor! An amazing talent and amazing guy! That is an experience I will treasure for the rest of my life.

Our other show was at STEINOVNEN (Brick Oven in English), the best pizza music joint in Alesund Norway! Alesund is another enchanting Norwegian city situated on the west coast of Norway. The crowd was amazing and I made more new Norwegian friends!

Just in case you haven’t checked it out, here’ my latest video: Changes In My Life:

AND some video from The Trandal Blues Festival:

“ALL IN” is out! AND my latest video, CHANGES IN MY LIFE

“ALL IN” is out and here’s my brand new video CHANGES IN MY LIFE:

“All In” Radio Request Lines!

Starting July 1, 2014 you can Request the Dave Fields “All In” CD on your favorite radio station.
Click the photo to enlarge and get station request lines


You can click here:


July 1st and the official release of “ALL IN” is rapidly approaching!

WOW! I’m so excited that Tuesday July 1st and the official release of “ALL IN” is almost here! I’ve been busy preparing everything: mailing out CD’s to the radio stations and periodicals online and print worldwide etc AND getting ready for a busy summer! July 2nd I fly off to Scandinavia for The Trandal Blues Festival and a show at Steinovnen Bar in Ålesund Norway so there will be no rest for me! LOL! July 12th I will be performing at from 6:05-6:35 sharp! Hopefully I won’t be too jet lagged!

You will be able to purchase “ALL IN” at any of my shows (check schedule) or the actual physical CD will be available at OR you can download it now at right now!

I’ve been getting wonderful reviews which you can check out here: and I’m looking forward for more to come! I’m busy working on my soon to be released video of my songs “Changes In My Life” AND keep your eyes open for the next Big City Blues Magazine CD Sampler “SURFIN GYPSIES” where my song “Changes In My life will be a featured song!

Lastly, we had a BLAST at my prerelease CD party at FONTANA’S 105 Eldridge St NY NY. I wanna thank all who were there especially those who came from afar AND all the great acts who performed with me: CHARLES WORRELL (CW BLUES PROJECT), LUBA DVORAK & his band, AMY COLEMAN, DAN CAZIO, MAX LAMBOY, GEOFF WRIGHT, KENNY SOULE, ANYD HEUNERBERG, VLADIMIR BARSKY…. there were so many! I can’t wait to play again!!!!

I look forward to seeing you soon at one of my shows!


Blues Underground Network John Vermilyea ALL IN Review!

Blues Underground Network John Vermilyea
“ALL IN” is the next stop in the journey of electrifying rock-blues artist Dave Fields. This 11 song CD will stir your emotions while his guitar will scintillate you.
Listen To Samples Here… http://www.davefieldsmusic.com/all-in/
Following Review Excerpt Courtesy Of donandsherylsbluesblog
Dave Fields is one of the most dazzling, cutting-edge guitarists on the scene today. He grew up in NYC, the son of famed composer Sammy Fields, and it wasn’t unusual for him to see guys such as Stevie Wonder and Rupert Holmes in his father’s studio. A nanny from Waycross, GA, introduced him to the soul of Southern culture, and these varied influences are evident throughout his music.
His latest release, entitled “All In,” is simply a guitar-lover’s dream. He incorporates nine originals with two unusual covers herein, each showcasing a different shade of Dave’s blues. The opening cut is a sweet taste of things to come, as Dave wrings out an ethereal solo before breaking into a tale of perserverance and “rollin’ with the Changes In My Life,” which features another hot solo mid-song. Vladimir Barsky’s organ augments Dave’s soulful vocal on the story of the kind of girl we’ve all known–the one where “one look and you’re hooked” with those “Voodoo Eyes.” He revisits this theme later on in a cool song done in stop-time, SRV-style, the staccato strut of “that girl’, She Got A Hold On Me.”
Let’s get to the favorites. “Cross Road” is indeed the Robert Johnson classic, and Dave delivers it here as a near-Hill-Country stomp, with his guitar setting up a trance-like “wall of sound” over Kenny Soule’s stompin’ beats. Next is a live recording from Norway, as Dave strips down Led Zep’s “Black Dog” to its base, bare-bones elements, and we simply couldn’t get enough of it done this way! At the opposite end of Dave’s blues spectrum is the highly-contagious groove of “Let’s Go Downtown, where they play the blues,’ as he name-checks landmarks all over his hometown, “from Harlem south to Union Square!”
Continue Reading Review Here… http://donandsherylsbluesblog.wordpress.com/2014/06/04/dave-fields-review-june-3-2014/
Additional Artist Info… http://www.davefields.com/